Hi there Auskick families of Newport & surrounds!

We’ve got an action packed season of fun, events and skill development planned for 2018 and look forward to seeing you all at Bryan Martyn Oval. 

Don’t forget mums & dads, what makes Auskick work so well is parent involvement. You don’t have to be an athlete or have any interest in footy, but just willing to get involved and lend a hand when needed.

All are welcome at our family club.

Auskick is held every Saturday morning

Time: 8.30am – 10.00am

Start Date: 21/04/17

Finish Date: 25/08/17

Price: <$100



2018 Registration


For further information, please contact:

Darren McKay
M 0416 096 785
E darren@thismonkey.com


Dean Nutbean
M 0401 473 537
E dnutbean@trimotive.com.au 





What is Auskick?

The NAB AFL Auskick program provides boys and girls with a fun and safe Australian Football experience that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of involvement in the game.  The program is not just about introducing children to Australian Football – it activates and develops within each child the desire for a healthy lifestyle and an association with our great game. This is achieved through activities and programs for individuals, small groups and teams, and aims to assist development of personal and social skills

How old does my child have to be to participate in Auskick?

Most children are between kinder to Grade 3, with some Grade 4 children participating as well.

Is Auskick just for boys?

No. Boys and Girls are welcome to join.

How do I know if my child should be doing Auskick or joining one of the Newport Power Football teams?

This depends on the age of your child and if they have had any exposure to football previously. Our youngest football team is the Under 9s, and most of the team members in this team are in Grade 2 or 3. You may also like to consider factors such as cost and the time commitment (Auskick is once  a week, while children in a team will need to commit to a training night and game day).  If you’d like to discuss your child’s needs before enrolling them in Auskick or a football team, please call Auskick Coordinators.

Do I need to bring any special gear to Auskick?

No. They will need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty as they will be running around on the oval. Football boots are not required either.



When is Auskick Newport?

Sessions are held on Saturday mornings for 1 ½ hours from 8:30am to 10:00am.

Where is Auskick Newport held?

Auskick Newport is held outside, on Bryan Martyn Oval, Market Street, Newport.

When does the 2016 Auskick season start and finish?

Newport Power Auskick is on every Saturday, but takes a break during middle Saturday of the school holidays and on long weekends. The last session of the season is a family fun day with the families from Auskick.

Will Auskick still be on if it rains?

If there is substantial rain on the morning of our Saturday morning session, Auskick will be cancelled.

Are the participants divided into age groups?

Yes. At Auskick Newport we run four age groups, based on school year. Participants are divided into either Kinder, Preps, Grade 1’s or Grades 2 & over depending upon numbers and ability.

What if my child is injured during Auskick?

We endeavour to have a trained first-aid representative on hand at every session. This is subject to volunteers’ availability.

Can I drop my child off at Auskick and come and pick them up at 10, or do I need to stay?

No, Auskick is not a child minding service. If you are not staying to supervise your child, you will need to ensure another adult assumes responsibility for them for the time you are absent.



How do I register my child for Auskick Newport?

Register your child via the link on the Auskick website http://alfauskick.com.au   You will be directed to the Sporting Pulse website where you will need to fill in the registration details and pay the season fee. You will receive a confirmation email from Sporting Pulse

When will I hear from Newport Auskick regarding the first session?

We will be in touch prior to the season commencement date to provide confirmation of details for the first day of Auskick.

When will my child receive the Auskick backpack?

This year backpacks will be delivered direct to your home after payment on-line, avoiding us having to manage collection and distribution.



Can I help out at Auskick?

Absolutely. We will be looking for adult helpers for various roles. In fact, the success of the program – like Auskick and other community sports program – is dependent on the involvement of our local families.  It’s fun to help out, and your children will love having you involved.

What sort of role can I do?

We will be looking for parents to take on the following helper roles:
• Coaches co-ordinators for each group,
• 8 Equipment movers before from the shed
• 2 First Aiders
• A weekly awards presenter
• 3 canteen staff each week

If you can help out with one of these roles please contact the Auskick Coordinators on the above numbers.  We will also be emailing the parents of all registered children, prior to the commencement of Auskick, requesting volunteers to help.